Emily Casuccio is native to Athens, Georgia, and has over 6 years of experience in copywriting, editing, marketing, and content management. She has worked with both established companies and start-ups, creating and optimizing content to increase site traffic and business conversions.


Emily also works privately with published and undiscovered authors of all genres and at every step in the writing and publication process. She is passionate about the written word in all its forms. Emily believes everyone has a story to tell, and is honored and humbled whenever she gets the chance to help them tell it.


Emily is respected for her attention to detail, creativity, and personal compassion.

Copywriter and Editor

for Top Shelf Media,

Orlando Homes for Sale,

360 Quote, LLC

Research and create content for start-up shopping catalog, multiple insurance sites, and real estate company. Follow SEO standards and company guidelines to encourage traffic, sales, and call conversions. Edit and otherwise optimize existing content to align with company standards and SEO practices. Edit legal documentation for proper terminology, visual cohesion, and legal requirements.


"During my time working with her, I was able to witness firsthand the level of care and detail she puts into her work, and her writing especially. In each piece she works on, it is evident that Emily puts equal emphasis on both the final product in a global sense and the minutiae that go into its completion. She clearly puts great care into every aspect of her work, and is exceptionally talented both as a writer and an editor. I recruited her on multiple occasions to help with content production when I served as the Content Marketing Director, and have also used her editing services for my own personal work. Emily is not only a brilliant writer and editor, she is kind, compassionate, driven, intelligent, and I would highly recommend her for any role."


"Emily has many skills and talents that are valuable to any content, communications or marketing team. In my time as her direct supervisor, I appreciated her ability to organize, coordinate, and execute innumerable projects ranging from copy writing to graphics editing to managing financial figures for online product sales. She demonstrated the ability to think like an entrepreneur and execute like a technician. It’s rare that someone can go from high-level business context to fine detail on a regular basis while remaining focused and organized. That is very valuable on an organizational level. In addition, her written communications and documentation are always precise and professional. She is someone I would trust with all types of client relations and communication. She is undoubtedly an asset wherever she goes!"


"Emily has worked as a private consultant doing research and short writing assignments for me. Her research is excellent and the information she finds is well documented and prioritized. Organized and meticulous, she sends a spreadsheet breaking her work into tasks; she then breaks the tasks into 15-minute increments for payment purposes. In addition to her organization skills, she's a very good writer who knows her grammar and punctuation!"


"Emily did a fantastic job editing a novel I and my co-author wrote. She was excellent both at helping us tighten and improve our larger plot and character arcs, but also had a great feel for how to improve details in each scene to better convey mood, emotion, character development, and action. Emily was also great at keeping communication open, and finished the editing project well within schedule. Her vision, organization, and attention to detail would definitely make me want to hire her again."


"Emily is a fantastic writer and editor. She has created and edited thousands of product descriptions in e-commerce in addition to editing small and large papers for academic, professional, and private documents. Having been able to hear snippets of her current work as an author, her passion for English literature shines through in every form of writing. Emily's wonderful and engaging personality made team collaborations fun, effective, and a thing to look forward to. I really appreciated working with her as she often took the time to periodically train and refresh our team in the various writing styles relevant to our field. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Emily will greatly appreciate her love for English literature and beautiful personality."